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Praise for Charles of the Desert (Paraclete Press, 2016):

“Woolfitt's Charles of the Desert is the 'ragged song' of Charles de Foucault, attuned to the 'sweat beneath scratchy coverlets,' 'the hoe and the rake,' and to how a life can be 'all green wood' that, in the work of years, leaps with the strange wildness of faith.” — K. A. Hays

“Woolfitt’s 'pilgrim’s progress' [offers] an achingly lovely canticle to God’s presence as it is both revealed and concealed in the harsh natural world of the North African desert. Richly detailed, lovingly imagined, and exactingly thought through, [it] is a compelling work of art.” — Andrew Hudgins

“Spoken in the voice of the book's titular persona, Charles de Foucauld, the poems present genuine exultation, vertiginous truth.” — Scott Cairns

“Pastoral and meditative, Charles of the Desert depicts the eremitical life of a nomad whose awareness of Christ's eternal love and a body's chronic hunger infuses every turn of his spiritual and geographical wanderings.” — Karen An-hwei Lee

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Praise for Beauty Strip (Texas Review Press, 2014):

“Woolfitt’s finely honed poems resonate with the language of Appalachia and bristle with the rich scents and textures of farm fields, forested ridges, and streams.  Resisting nostalgia, he lays claim to the home place in the most honorable way:  by describing it with clarity and painstaking grace.” — Julia Spicher Kasdorf

“In the midst of natural beauty, rendered with such sensuous language that the reader of William Woolfitt’s collection well-nigh swoons, hides desecration, the earth left raw and bleeding behind the ‘beauty strip’ the coal companies create to block from view their destruction.” — Kathryn Stripling Byer

“I love the voice and the passion I hear in Woolfitt’s poems. In Beauty Strip, he names the raw materials of the natural world so precisely and enters the cusps and edge spaces so confidently that the poems both mourn and reclaim the ruined mountains of his West Virginia home. There is hard-earned wisdom and a strong lyric line in these vital poems and William Woolfitt is one sweet singer.” — Maggie Anderson

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