Poet & Fiction Writer


Poems from Field Holler (manuscript in progress)

African American Review, "Devil's Swamp" (forthcoming)
AGNI, "Blue Goose Hollow" and "The Alleghenies Laid Bare"
Beloit Poetry Journal, "Tongueless" 
Blackbird, "1912: Hush Harbor" (forthcoming)
The Cincinnati Review, "They Are Still Here"

The Gettysburg Review, "Clay Eater"
HEArt Online, "The Refineries"
The Missouri Review, "Work Song"
The Nashville Review, "1941: The Drawings of Bill Traylor"
Pleiades, "Is There a Sea" (forthcoming)
Poetry Northwest, "The Night the Rain Had Nowhere to Go" (forthcoming)
Scalawag, "Blast Log"
Western Humanities Review, "Mountain Sweep"

Poems from Spring Up Everlasting

(Forthcoming from Paraclete Press)

storySouth, “Spring Up Everlasting”
Radar Poetry, “H.D. at Point Pleasant Beach” 
Radar Poetry, “Pine Rat” 
Construction, “The Wind Reports”
Cerise Press“Sky Cathedral”
Waccamaw, “Map Turtle” 

Poems from Charles of the Desert

Order Beauty Strip

Quarterly West“Time, the Springhouse”      
Radar Poetry, “Our Lady of the Mills”      
Town Creek Poetry“Water Shrew as the Apostle Peter”      
Four Way Review“Antiphon for the Office of the Dead”     
Still: the Journal“The Bird Collector” 

Reviews of Beauty Strip

Michael Dowdy, “The Dark Times on Our Tongues: Recent First Books by Appalachian Poets,” Appalachian Journal   
Sylvia Woods, Appalachian Heritage